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Rights with ICE & Police

The amendments to the Constitution specify the individual rights that apply to everyone who lives in the United States, even people who are not citizens of the country. The most relevant amendments to our struggle as an immigrant community are Amendments 1, 4, 5, 6 and 14.

First Amendment Rights:

  • Freedom of religion

  • Freedom of expression

  • Right of peaceful association

  • Right to request redress of grievances

Fourth Amendment Rights:

  •  Right that your person be free from unjustified detentions and arrests and physical aggression

  • Right that your house is free of inspections and unjustified interference

  • Right that your documents are free of unwarranted reviews

  • Right to have any legal action approved by a judge or court

Fifth Amendment Rights:

  • Right not to be tried twice for the same crime

  • Right to remain silent

  • Right to a fair legal process

Sixth Amendment Rights:

  • Right to a court hearing before an impartial judge or jury

  • Right to be tried publicly and quickly

  • Right not to sign any document that we do not understand

  • Right to have the defense of a lawyer

  • Right to present witnesses on your behalf

Fourteenth Amendment Rights:

  • Right of naturalized or born persons to be recognized as citizens of the United States with all its privileges and immunities

  • Right of every person not to have life, liberty or property taken away without due process of law

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