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About Our Name

The milpa is an ancestral crop-growing system of this continent. Milpa farmers plant a variety of  grains, fruits and vegetables that are nutritionally and environmentally complementary, getting nutrients from each other. More than an agriculture system, it is a socio cultural structure that involves complex relationships and interactions between the farmer, the crop and the land.


With MILPA, we claim our rights for this land. We belong here because we are from here. MILPA is a new formation and unity that grows from our roots. It represents a new phase of our communities continued growth in this state. We continue working visiting towns and cities in Pennsylvania that need our support, and building committees that reflect and represent our values to claim our human rights and fight for justice.


Our Start

Our story starts in 2012, as a small group named Fight For Drivers Licenses PA that came together to support drivers licenses for all and HB1684. From there, we recognized there was a larger need and bigger opportunities that existed to empower immigrants and MILPA was created.

Our first group of promoters in 2012

In the fall of 2015, MILPA was born to work on educating our community about our rights and preventing deportations. Also fighting against anti-immigrant bills and seeking more support for our Latino communities in PA.


MILPA has expanded our work across Pennsylvania with over 6 human rights committees Dauphin, Franklin, Delaware, Lancaster and Philadelphia Counties.

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