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MILPA In The Press

President Biden’s announced executive action expanding access to parole in place to a potential 500,000 people along with possible pathways to citizenship for certain DACA recipients and immigrant students, shows the political power that exists to protect families, regardless of immigration status. Together these changes represent easier pathways to citizenship and safety for hundreds of thousands of families.

We will ensure MILPA families eligible under this change get the support they need to apply when it takes effect in late Summer. We feel great relief for these families in our network and across our state. We call on this administration to follow through on this action and to ensure those detained by ICE who would benefit from these changes be released immediately to stay with their loved ones.

In Pennsylvania, our state legislature and Governor must pass laws to protect undocumented families and workers here in our state that fall outside of these changes. This includes legislation for driver’s licenses for all, universal legal representation for those facing deportation, and creating a Pennsylvania public healthcare advocate to support all families struggling to access healthcare services, regardless of immigration status.

The deepening crisis of poverty in the US and the ongoing genocide in Gaza are interlocking flashpoints at the root of Biden’s political decision.  This fact and these struggles must not be ignored. In February, 100,000 Michigan Democrats voted uncommitted to protest Palestinian genocide in a key state for the Presidency. One of countless mass protests against US-backed violence in Palestine.  Americans continue to struggle here at home for essential needs like food, housing, and healthcare despite record wealth and endless war funding. These conditions and the growing discontent around them represent a threat to this administration’s support from its own base and many working class Americans.

We welcome hard fought relief for our people and MILPA maintains hope for our communities, but we know Pennsylvania must continue to organize for fundamental changes that value human rights and that include us all.  Our families deserve more.

To learn more about the details of this announcement visit White House 

To learn more about the details of this announcement visit White House 

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