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Worker's Rights

You have rights regardless of your immigration status.

Wage Theft: The minimum wage in PA is $7.25, an employer or contractor cannot pay you less than the minimum wage. An employer or contractor must pay you for overtime work and provide a pay stub listing your pay for hours worked and deductions.

Labor Exploitation: An employer or contractor cannot threaten you for being undocumented or documented doing unpaid or extra work by threatening to call immigration or make a deal to bring you to this country and pay you with your work or give you a job/home in exchange to work for low balance or no salary.

Employment Discrimination: No employer, manager, or contractor may discriminate based on origin, nationality, disability, gender, or age at work. They must not sexually harass or abuse you at work.


If you are going through any of these situations, please call Justice at Work at its following offices:

Philadelphia: (215)-733-0878

Pittsburgh: (412)-701-4368

Toll Free - No Charge: 1-800-729-1607

From Mexico: 001-800-51-41-349

Or visit the bilingual Justice at Work page


If you are a farmworker you can call the Philadelphia Farmworker Project:

(888) 541-1544

Or visit the official page of the Pennsylvania Farmworker Project

Source: Justice at Work

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