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Immigration Reform


At MILPA we believe that every person has the right to live a full and dignified life.  In the United States, over 11 million residents have been fighting and organizing for a legal pathway to citizenship and protection for over 3 decades.  The negative impact of this lack of immigration status for 11 million residents is not felt by industry.   Production and wealth creation usurped from immigrant workers and their families across the United States is high. Instead it is immigrant workers, families, our children and the communities where we live who suffer the negative consequences of decades of inaction for immigration reform. Without any means to obtain immigration a legal presence, our families are subject to deportation, abuses in the workplace, at school, in housing and healthcare systems.  


Undocumented Pennsylvanians are denied access to a driver’s license and many other basic needs to care for our families and communities.  This is immoral and we are working to ensure that the whole 11 million families who live and work in this the United States are afforded the right to live safely in our communities across the Commonwealth.  ​

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