Unity for Family Unity


Leo’s family is among the thousands who hoped the election of President Joe Biden would mean they would remain together. However, despite running on campaign promises of family unity, President Joe Biden’s administration has continued to enforce a cruel immigration system of family separation. Father of four who has lived in central Pennsylvania for twenty years, Leo Mitra, was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Wednesday afternoon at the York County Prison. 

Call to Action 

We ask that you follow the script down below and call the contacts kisted who are responsible for family separation!

Vigil Tomorrow!

“We are calling for Mr. Mitra Hernandez A#088647040 to be granted prosecutorial stay of removal  by the ICE Philly office in order for his family to be united.  ” 

* If you would like more information please refer to “Get to Know Leo and his family"

Principal Legal Advisor: (267) 479-3500
ICE Office: (215) 656-7164
President Joe Biden: (202)456-1414
Vice President Kamala Harris: (202)456-1111
Location: Harrisburg Main Capitol Steps 
Date: September 29th 2022
Time: 12 pm